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What I Offer: Services


Strength & Stamina

Come and join me in my private gym on the edge of Bath, filled with the best gym equipment in the industry. A place where you can feel relaxed and ready to start your fitness journey. I want to build your confidence and push you to your limits, showing what you can achieve with pure determination and a passion to achieve your goals. I will motivate and challenge you to get the best results. Every personal training programme will be designed to help reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Together we will achieve the results you’re looking for, to maximise and maintain them. Check out my offerings and choose what suits your ambitions and lifestyle.


Taylor made programmes to suit your personal needs

Are you at the start of your health and fitness journey and want help and guidance as to what to do and where to start? Or wanting to get back into shape after an injury or from having time off? Are you a new or busy mum needing support, someone to motivate and challenge you? Maybe you need some extra tips and knowledge to find that extra 1% to get you achieving a new personal record. Whatever your age, shape or fitness levels, we will work together to achieve your goals using a tailor-made programme written especially for you. Your PT session is completely about you, whether your aim is to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, become stronger and more athletic. I will build a program, working you through it, monitoring, motivating and pushing you to become healthier, fitter, and stronger.

60 Mins Sessions.


Strength & Stamina

Do you prefer to workout with a partner, friend or a few of your mates? Come along together, motivate one another and have some fun whilst working out. No matter whether you are a novice or a gym addict, I can create a high energy plan that is fun yet challenging. Let me push you all to reach your individual goals and the group's objectives. HIIT, Circuits, Kettlebells, Weights? I will keep the sessions exciting, fresh and never the same!

Max 3 people.

60 Min Sessions.


Look Good, Feel Good

Mobility and flexibility training go hand in hand and are often overlooked. Having a consistent stretching routine can have a positive impact on your daily life. If your muscles are tight then your range of motion in your joints is more limited. Increasing that range can therefore increase the ability of your muscle to stretch. Other huge benefits are reduced muscle tension, enhanced muscular coordination, increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body, and increased energy levels. Improving both your mobility and flexibility is important for better body alignment and posture thereby helping to decrease the risk of injury. Let me guide and coach you through mobility warm ups, flow routines and static stretches. 

45-60 Mins Session.


A Healthier You

Wanting to build bigger Arms, Shoulders, Abs, Legs, Glutes? I will create a tailored programme that will build up your strength over time using specific exercises that will boost your power whilst building solid strong muscle. Of course you will need to work hard, dig deep and be pushed to your limits! However with this tailored program and years of experience and technical knowledge, I can deliver the level of transformation you strive for.

60 Mins Session.


A Healthier You

Online HIIT sessions are great for days when you're rushed for time, need to squeeze a workout into a lunch break, you're on holiday, working away or just need to workout from home. When you discover the benefits of a HIIT session, you’ll want to make them part of your regular weekly routine. A High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session involves you working at maximum effort for a short period of time 20-45 secs, followed by a short recovery period 10-20secs. I will modify the session based on the time and space constraints you have allowing you to get the amazing benefits of fat burning, increased metabolism, lower heart rate and blood pressure and some good old calorie burning!! 

Sessions will be planned to be body weight only, or to include any equipment you may have at home.

45-60 Mins Sessions.


Do you want me to write you a 6-12 week training program? One that you can follow at home with the equipment that you have available. We would have a consultation in my gym or over Zoom, working through your fitness and health goals, and then I will design an easy to follow individual program to suit you.

60-90 mins

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