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These are some brands that I work with and support. Some are small companies local to where I live, who I am keen to help grow. They have kindly given me discount codes to share with you all, so here they are for you to enjoy!
Everybody loves a discount, right?


10% Discount Code

U Perform create science-led, evidence based, cutting edge nutrition products which have a proven ability to enhance your preparation, performance and recovery at whatever level you participate at. Specialising in collagen products. I'm proud to be one of their ambassadors.

This link will add a 10% discount code straight away. (AMY10 at check out will also add a 10% discount for you). Please share with friends and family.



Super Charged Meals

I'm proud to be an ambassador for these ready made meals. Packed with so much flavour, convenient for a busy life, and amazing for those with tummy problems! They have low FODMAP certified meals, perfect for those with IBS and other gut health issues. They are carefully designed using evidence-based nutrition research to ensure they are balanced and packed full of natural nutrition. 
Use AMYWILLIAMS20 for 20% off.



20% Discount Code

Flow Sports technology produce Next-Generation Percussion Massage Device's for athletes, sportspeople and active humans! They make hand held massage tools that provide your body and muscles with powerful percussion therapy, giving you an intense deep sports massage anytime, any place! I recommend and love my Flow Mini which is super powerful, lightweight and can be chucked into your sports bag to use pre and post sessions helping your muscles activate, warm up and recover post workout.
Use my code AMYWILLIAMS20 at checkout for a 20% off discount.



10% Discount Code

Physical Company sell a huge range of fitness solutions and products for Strength, Functional Fitness, Studio, Cardio, Combat, Wellness, Mind and Body. If you want to buy anything for your home gym, garage or living room set up then they can help you. 
Use my code AMY10 at checkout for a 10% off discount.



10% Discount Code

Meglio have a range of resistant bands, foam rollers, yoga mats, gym balls, massage balls, wobble boards, kinesioloy tape, all crafted and designed by physiotherapists. Perfect for low resistant workouts and exercises you can do from home. Use my code AW10 at checkout for a 10% discount.



Discount: get 10% off spa days/treatments etc. online by using code AMY10

Wellness is the process of refining healthy habits on a regular basis to achieve better physical and mental health, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving. We truly believe in the art of escapism and deep work, because sometimes all you need to kickstart your journey to an improved lifestyle is the great outdoors.

We are so excited to have partnered with our longstanding friend Amy Williams and cannot wait to take our guests, members and partners on this mental and psychical welfare expedition, to improve everyones overall welfare.

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