1.1           Please note that delivery is currently only possible within the United Kingdom.

1.2           When We provide you with an Order Confirmation, We will provide an estimated delivery date.  Please note that estimated delivery dates may vary according to the availability of Goods, your location, and circumstances beyond Our control.  Unless agreed otherwise, the Goods will be delivered without undue delay and in any case no later than 30 Calendar Days after the date on which the Contract is formed.

1.3           Delivery will be deemed to have taken place when the Goods have been delivered to the delivery address indicated in your Order and you (or someone identified by you) have taken physical possession of the Goods or, if you are collecting the Goods from Us yourself, when you have collected the Goods. 

1.4           If for any reason We are unable to deliver the Goods at your chosen delivery address, We will leave a note informing you that the Goods have been returned to Our premises, requesting that you contact Us to arrange re-delivery.

1.5           The responsibility (sometimes referred to as the “risk”) for the Goods remains with Us until delivery is complete as defined in sub-Clause 7.3 at which point it will pass to you.  Please note, however, that if you do not wish to collect the Goods and do not wish to use Our nominated carrier to deliver them, instead choosing your own carrier, the risk in the Goods will pass to you as soon as they are passed to your chosen carrier.

1.6           You own the Goods once We have received payment in full for them.

1.7           Please note carefully the following:

1.7.1      If We refuse to deliver the Goods, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

1.7.2      If delivery of the Goods within the agreed time period or at the agreed time was essential (taking into account the relevant circumstances at the time the Contract was formed) and We fail to deliver, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

1.7.3      If you have told Us that delivery within the agreed time period or at the agreed time was essential and We fail to deliver, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

1.8           If any of the events in sub-Clause 7.7 occur you may, instead of treating the Contract as being at an end, specify a new delivery time or time period.  If We continue to fail to deliver the Goods, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

1.9           If, despite the events in sub-Clause 7.7 and 7.8, you choose not to treat the Contract as being at an end, your right to cancel your Order or to reject the Goods will be unaffected.  If you do so, We will reimburse you without undue delay.

1.10        If the Goods form a Commercial Unit, you may only reject or cancel all of the Goods, not a portion of them.



1.1           If you are not satisfied with any Goods purchased from Us you have the right to return them in exchange for a refund [or a replacement], subject to the provisions of this Clause 9.  This Clause 9 does not apply to Goods that are not in compliance with the Contract and your legal rights.  For such Goods, please refer to Clause 8.

1.2           If you wish to return Goods to Us under this Clause 9 you must do so within 14 days of taking delivery, telling Us why you wish to return the Goods.

1.3           All Goods must be returned to Us under this Clause 9 in their original condition, accompanied by proof of purchase.

1.4           Refunds or replacements will be issued to you immediately if you return Goods to Us within 14 days of Our receipt of the Goods if you return Goods to Us by post or similar delivery service.

1.5           Please note that this extended return period (guarantee) applies only to consumers resident in the United Kingdom. The provisions of this Clause are in addition to your legal rights, not instead of them.


Faulty, Damaged or Incorrect Goods

1.1           By law, We must provide goods that are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, as described at the time of purchase, in accordance with any pre-contract information We have provided, and that match any samples or models that you have seen or examined (unless We have made you aware of any differences).  If any digital content is included in the Goods, that digital content must also conform.  If any Goods you have purchased do not comply and, for example, have faults or are damaged when you receive them, or if you receive incorrect Goods, please contact Us as soon as reasonably possible to inform Us of the fault, damage or error, and to arrange for a refund, repair or replacement.

1.2           Beginning on the day that you receive the Goods (and ownership of them) you have a 30 Calendar Day right to reject the Goods and to receive a full refund if they do not conform as stated above.  If you do not wish to reject the Goods, or if the 30 Calendar Day period has expired, you may request that the Goods are repaired or replaced. Within the first six months after you have received the Goods, you are entitled to a repair or replacement unless We can prove that the defect was not present at the time you bought the Goods. After the first six months, you must prove to Us that the defect was present at the time of purchase in order to qualify for a repair or replacement. We will bear any associated costs and will carry out the repair or replacement within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to you. In some cases, if repair or replacement is impossible or otherwise disproportionate, We may instead offer you the alternative (i.e. a replacement instead of a repair or vice versa) or a full refund.

If you request a repair or replacement during the first 30 Calendar Day period, that period will be suspended while We carry out the repair or replacement and will resume on the day that you receive the replacement or repaired Goods. If less than 7 Calendar Days remain out of the original period, it will be extended to 7 Calendar Days.

If, after a repair or replacement, the Goods still do not conform (or if We cannot repair or replace them, as described above, or have failed to act within a reasonable time and/or without causing you significant inconvenience), you may have the right either to keep the Goods at a reduced price, or to reject them in exchange for a refund.

If you exercise this final right to reject the Goods more than six months after you receive them (and ownership of them), we may reduce any refund to reflect the use you have had out of the Goods.

Within a period of six years after you receive the Goods (and ownership of them), if the Goods do not last a reasonable length of time (depending upon their nature), you may be entitled to a partial refund. Please be remember that after six months have passed since you received the Goods, the burden of proof will be on you to prove that the defect or non-conformity existed at the time of delivery.

1.3           Please note that you will not be eligible to claim under this Clause 8 if We informed you of any faults, damage or other problems with the Goods before your purchase of them; if you have purchased the Goods for an unsuitable purpose that is neither obvious nor made known to Us and the problem has resulted from your use of the Goods for that purpose; or if the problem is the result of normal wear and tear, misuse or intentional or careless damage.  Please also note that you may not return Goods to Us under this Clause 8 merely because you have changed your mind.  Please refer to Clause 9 for details of what to do if you change your mind.

1.4           To return Goods to Us for any reason under this Clause 8, you may do so in person during Our business hours of <<insert business hours>> or you may return them to Us by post or another suitable delivery choice.  [You may alternatively request that We collect the Goods from you.  Please ensure that the Goods are ready for collection at the agreed time and location.  We are solely responsible for collecting the Goods in this case, however We may appoint a third party carrier to collect them in which case We will provide you with all relevant details.]  We will be fully responsible for the costs of returning Goods under this Clause 8 and will reimburse you where appropriate.

1.5           Refunds (whether full or partial, including reductions in price) under this Clause 8 will be issued within 14 Calendar Days of the day on which We agree that you are entitled to the refund.

1.6           Any and all refunds issued under this Clause 8 will include all delivery costs paid by you when the Goods were originally purchased.

1.7           For full details of your rights and remedies as a consumer, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.